How can I buy Bitcoin in Pakistan without any hassle

How can I buy Bitcoin in Pakistan without any hassle

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Today, everybody is talking about the cryptocurrency market and how investing in it can bring it wealth. Many people don’t know that digital currencies have experienced numerous ups and downs in the last few decades. The risk of investing in cryptocurrency is not low. Want to know how to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan? This entire article is worth reading. All the information is available here.

One digital currency which experienced crazy fluctuations in value in the last few years is Bitcoin. However, we will later discuss the fluctuations in Bitcoin’s value.

A lot of people from Pakistan look for Bitcoin and the best place to buy it. The first thing people do is search for how to buy Bitcoins in Pakistan. In addition, they look for various digital currency wallets. They also inquire about what bitcoins can be traded in Pakistan.

Here is a method to How to buy bitcoin in Pakistan free easy method

They are among the most frequent questions people have and the web does not have any definitive answers.

We'll answer your questions as well as guide you on safer ways to buy bitcoins in Pakistan. We will also attempt to provide all the relevant details regarding blockchain in this piece. We will begin by discussing the various forms of cryptocurrency and how they can be bought.


Cryptography is used to protect digital currency, also known as virtual currency. Because of this, no one can forge cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology is the basis for the distributed networks that comprise cryptocurrency. The most important aspect of cryptocurrency is that it doesn't have to be monitored or controlled by any government.

Types of cryptocurrency

There are many kinds of cryptocurrency that are available now. However, Bitcoin is still the most sought-after digital currency around the globe. These digital currencies all have distinct features and requirements.

They are among the most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

This is the image of various virtual currencies or crypto coins.


When we first defined cryptocurrency, we stated that it is based on blockchain technology. If you are wondering what blockchain is? We'll also go over the blockchain technology, so don't get alarmed.

Blockchain is an ever-growing list of records called as blocks that are linked by cryptography. It's a type of ledger digital that tracks the transactions between two people. Blockchain is a reliable and efficient system. Furthermore, blockchain is not able to allow modifications to data. Also, it is an open, distributed digital ledger that you can not modify.

Banner image of blockchain technology

While there are numerous other cryptocurrency around the globe, Bitcoin is by far the most important. We will be focusing on Bitcoin. Here are some things to remember before you rush to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan.

As we have discussed the various aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrency, today we will discuss the main aspect that you are waiting for "Bitcoin".

Bitcoin is one of the most popular and valuable cryptocurrencies. In the year 2017, Bitcoin experienced skyrocketing price rise. Now 1 Bitcoin is equivalent to 1,446,470.09 Pakistani Rupee. To store Bitcoins, there are many wallet applications. Most people in Pakistan are interested in Bitcoin and Bitcoin-related products, so we'll tell about the different methods to purchase Bitcoin and how much risk is involved.

Is Bitcoin Legal to Purchase in Pakistan?

All cryptocurrency was banned by the State Bank of Pakistan (April 2018). All banks and monetary providers were directed to ban cryptocurrency transactions. Although it is not legal to buy Bitcoins from Pakistan, investors are still making investments in Bitcoin. Investing in Bitcoin can be risky and you may get arrested if your Bitcoin trades are conducted in Pakistan.

The prohibition on cryptocurrency implies that there isn't a legal currency exchange in Pakistan. This has led to a lot of Bitcoin trading being done via cash. If you are trading Bitcoin in Pakistan or any other cryptocurrency, there is a possibility that the Federal Investigating Agency will catch you. Before you buy or sell Bitcoin in Pakistan be aware of these dangers.

This infographic will show you how to exchange currency in Pakistan or how to purchase bitcoin in Pakistan.

How can I purchase Bitcoin in Pakistan

Only one cryptocurrency exchange is currently accessible in Pakistan. This is where buyers can purchase Bitcoin in Pakistan. the only platform that lets you trade or purchase bitcoins in Pakistan. To trade Bitcoins on, you must sign up for an account. This guide will teach you how to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan.

Click on Sign up to receive Localbitcoins for free.

The password and email address will be required to create an account.

Upload a scan of your CNIC to make it easier for large transactions. It's not necessary for transactions that aren't large transactions.

After creating an accounts, click on the buy Bitcoins button.

The next step is to look up the list of Bitcoin traders. They will be selling Bitcoins. Look for those with good reviews.

Now click on Buy to view the entire terms and conditions.

After having read the complete document, you can add the amount of Bitcoins you would like to purchase from that seller.

Now, the seller will send you details about local payments.

The seller will then release bitcoins after the time has passed. You must send the money within a timeframe of one hour to the seller. The seller could dispute the trade in the event that the funds are not sent within an hour.

You will receive bitcoins in your wallet.

Screenshot taken from

You are also able to sell Bitcoins. Click Sell Bitcoins to sell Bitcoins to the trader who will pay the highest price.


Most people in Pakistan trade Bitcoins using cash because of the ban. There was another Bitcoin trading platform called Urdubit however they do not trade Bitcoins currently in Pakistan. It was the first Bitcoin trading platform in Pakistan. Face-to-face is another method to buy Bitcoins from Pakistan. Face-to-face negotiations are done with the person who you want to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan. In exchange they will offer you local currency.


In the end, Bitcoin trading is still taking place in Pakistan. Moreover, people are still investing in Bitcoin despite knowing the risks associated with Bitcoin dealing. The repercussions of Bitcoin dealings in Pakistan are crucial to consider when you are planning to purchase or selling it. We tried to discuss all things connected to Bitcoin and we hope that all your queries regarding Bitcoin are answered in this article.

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